16 Temmuz 2012 Pazartesi


The best investment you have ever made.
To whom I dedicate to.

To the one, the goddess of coincidence,
 where she can dream of the future,
and her dreams becomes true most of the time.

To the one, my angel,
 where her divinity is perfected with a necklace of wings.

To the one, the dream brother,
where the distances became short and the happinesses became foreverly long.

To the one, the most beautiful by earthly standards.
the one that that has no equal when her smile is brandished.
Where a single smile is greatly enough to melt the ice of anxiety.

To the one,
that becomes a runaway train to discover the mysteries of the world together.

The chosen and chooser one,
that is now and will be,
beating the pavement and respawning beauties around me.

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